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      中華考試網   2019-08-06   【

        Several years ago I studied in a university in the biggest city in our country. It’s beautiful but it’s hot in __1__. So I usually returned to my hometown when my __2__ began. It is not big, but it’s cool and quiet. I could __3__ in the daytime and have a good sleep at night.

        One day I had some __4__ to solve. But I didn’t take the dictionaries home. My father told me Charlie, one of my __5__, had a good library. I went to his house at once. We didn’t see each other after I __6__ middle school. At first he didn’t recognize me. He __7__ me up and down. And then he called out, “Oh, dear! It’s you, Fred!”

        Of course we were __8__ to meet each other again and talked a lot about our schoolmates and __9__. Later on he showed me around his library. It wasn’t big but there were a lot of nice books in it. And the dictionaries I __10__ were in them too. At last I said, “__11__ you lend some dictionaries to me, please?”

        “I’m sorry I don’t lend any books to __12__,” said the young man.

        “Are you afraid I’ll __13__ them?”

        “No, I’m not. I’m afraid you won’t __14__ them to me. Look! All the books are not __15__, but borrowed!”

        1. A. spring B. summer C. autumn D. winter

        2. A. birthday B. Saturday C. Sunday D. holiday

        3. A. study B. play C. rest D. run

        4. A. words B. sentences C. problems D. stories

        5. A. brothers B. sisters C. aunts D. classmates

        6. A. finished B. heard C. saw D. met

        7. A. lifted B. carried C. looked D. pulled

        8. A. angry B. happy C. worried D. sad

        9. A. doctors B. teachers C. workers D. drivers

        10. A. looked for B. read C. wrote D. looked at

        11. A. Need B. Must C. May D. Can

        12. A. other B. the other C. others D. another

        13. A. lose B. sell C. throw D. know

        14. A. pay B. return C. use D. look after

        15. A. made B. picked C. won D. bought




        1. B。hot應該指的是夏天的天氣情況。

        2. D。大學生暑假回家度假。

        3. A。學生暑假應該不忘學習。

        4. C。solve problems意為“解決問題”。

        5. D。根據下文可得知。

        6. A。finish middle school表示“中學畢業”。

        7. C。look sb. up and down表示“上下打量某人”,這時look用作及物動詞。

        8. B。老同學相見自然是高興。

        9. B。同學之間談論的主要對象一般應該是同學和老師。

        10. A。根據上下文得知“我”正在尋找一本字典。

        11. D。這里指征求別人的意見,故用can。

        12. C。泛指其他人,故用復數。

        13. A。“我”以為他怕我把書弄丟,所以不借。

        14. B。根據下文得知他的書都是借的,所以他不愿借給我,怕我也象他一樣借書不還。

        15. D。這些書都不是買的,而是借的。





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